How We Work

SecurityLink first analyzes the need of a client. Client's need is assessed through a systematic analysis of threat assessment and vulnerability study. An exhaustive survey helps to find out weaknesses in existing security measures. Basing on the findings of the survey, SecurityLink team designs security solution for the client.

Usually the component of a security counter measure includes guards, CCTV, Access Control System, Metal Detection System and Alarms. All these components are integrated in compliance with the clients' security policy. Thereafter, set procedures are developed to get maximum security potentials from the components included in the overall security plan. These procedures help to find out the tasks of every individual of the security team. These tasks, in turn, are articulated as a document in clear language and preserved with every individual. This document is called Post Order.

Training of every security personnel of SecurityLink is conducted basing on the specific Post Order. This allows the team to work in harmony and produce greater efficiency.

SecurityLink also employs Supervisors to ensure proper compliance of Post Order by every guard. Designated Field Officers periodically inspect to assess the performance of the security team and collect clients' observation. Basing on the feedback of the Field Officer subsequent training is organized to bridge the gap between clients' expectation and present performance of the security team.

The security executives working at SecurityLink Headquarters also keep an eye on the performance of the security teams and contact client as and when needed.